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Surveys and appraisals for:

  • Purchase evaluation.
  • Insurance requests.
  • Damage assessment.
  • Resale evaluation.
  • Estate evaluation.
  • Insurance damage disputes.
  • Refinancing for bank reports.
  • Salt water assessment.
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If you require a marine survey we can accommodate you in preparing a report to suit your particular needs. A marine survey or boat appraisal have the same information and material content, which establishes a value and condition of the boat and related equipment.

This value and condition is important to you when making a decision for the purchase of the boat or for refinancing. Many insurance companies now require a marine appraisal or marine survey report indicating the condition of the boat, and for specifying the value for insurance replacement purposes.


We will come to your location and do a full examination of the boat which entails photos, inspecting the exterior and interior hull, interior living area, deck area, engine and its operation, engine compartment, electronics and trailer, if attached.

Moisture meter reading numbers are also taken from different areas of the boat and recorded. The inspection procedure usually takes about 1-2 hours, and the computerized report and the results are available usually within a couple of days and can be mailed to you, or sent directly via electronic mail to the insurance company. It is important that a proper report includes, listening to the engine and outdrive while it is operating, and to view the electronics and complete operation of the boat, if possible.

Photos will have to be taken of all areas of the boat, so ample lighting will have to be available and the mooring cover or shrink wrap removed if possible. If the boat is out of the water, it may be necessary to briefly run the engine with the proper connection for cooling.

The survey or appraisal can be done while the boat is in the water, or out of the water.


  • Connect with one of the best in the industry.
  • Professional comphrehensive reports.
  • 20 years experience in the marine appraisal survey business.
  • Experience in marine sales in state of Florida and Ontario.
  • Experience in boat repairs.
  • Importation of boats into Canada.
  • Accepted by all insurance companies.

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